Take a look around this underwater winery in Croatia

Tourists can explore the Edivo Winery in an old sunken boat


Feeling fancy? This underwater winery in Croatia is the ultimate wine experience.

Travellers can join divers to explore the Edivo Winery located on a old sunken boat.

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The wine is put in a clay jug called an amphora for one and a half to two years in the sea in the boat, which serves as a cellar.

And that's after being aged for three months.

Around every 10 days divers check the submerged amphorae no make sure no sea water has gotten in.

But why do they do it in the ocean? Because, it provides the perfect cooling conditions, according to Croatia Week.

When the amphorae are removed from the sea, they are covered with seashells and corals, making them some of the most unique bottles of wine around.

Wine snobs can then enjoy this labour intensive Croatian wine that also happens to be one of the most expensive on the market.

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Wine tasting holidays