Ferrari destroyed in huge accident after brakes fail

A Ferrari was written off in a huge accident at the Estoril circuit in Portugal when the brakes failed.

According to Car Throttle, the black 488 GTB was in the hands of a professional driver when the brakes gave up the ghost at the end of a high-speed straight on Saturday.
This video, which appeared online, shows the car struggling to slow at the corner entry, shooting past another Ferrari that was also on track at the time. The driver tries to take the corner, but the car simply slides, bumps across the kerb and careers into the gravel trap at the other side of the track.

With such high speeds involved, though, the car just spears through the gravel and hits the barrier before flying into the air and flipping. The other Ferrari pulls off to the side of the circuit and its occupants sprint towards the scene.

Car Throttle reports that, miraculously, the driver of the black car is thought to have suffered only minor injuries.
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