Out of control Volkswagen narrowly avoids crash

This is the heart-stopping moment an out-of-control Volkswagen nearly caused a head-on collision while travelling around a blind corner.

Dashcam footage, which was recorded on March 29 on a country lane in Richmond, North Yorkshire, captured the terrifying moment the VW Golf fishtailed around the corner, narrowly avoiding the filming car.
The video then cuts to footage filmed on a rear-mounted camera, which shows the Golf continuing to swerve all over the road.

The anonymous driver of the car that was nearly hit understandably received a huge fright, and can be heard loudly swearing following the sudden encounter.

He uploaded the video to the internet under the title "Idiot VW Golf driver who can't handle a bleeding corner".

The driver commented: "I was driving down a country lane getting towards a bend and then this silver Golf decided to skid round the bend.

"The guy lost the back end, almost clipping me, and I swerved. I'm only glad no-one was hurt and no-one was behind me, you can see why in the rear cam view."

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