Double-decker bus gets wedged in London street

Driver's three-point turn morphs into 'million-point turn'

Double-decker bus gets wedged in London street

A bus blocked off a London street when it got wedged on a pavement while trying to do a three-point turn.

The driver attempted the turn when he realised he had gone up a street where diversions were in place and had to turn back.

The incident happened on Saturday afternoon at around 2pm near Bank station.

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Passengers on the bus got off and attempted to help free the vehicle from its predicament, as did a number of passersby.

According to the Metro, the driver finally managed to free the bus after what was described as a "million-point turn".

One witness told the Standard: "The passengers didn't seem to mind rolling up their sleeves and lending a helping hand. People seemed quite amused by it all. Some were stopping and taking photos.

"I imagine the bus would be considerably more difficult to manoeuvre, so it's a good job Austin Powers wasn't behind the wheel."

He refers to the famous - and hilarious - film scene where Austin Powers gets a buggy stuck in a corridor.

Head of bus Operations at TfL apologised and said the incident had been down to "driver error" because of diversions in the area.

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