Hennessey to "cast out the Demon" with new Exorcist


Dodge is set to unleash its new Demon muscle car next week, and tuning company Hennessey has decided to fight the new challenge with an Exorcist. A 1,000bhp, 6.2-litre Exorcist, to be exact.

Based on the already hardcore Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, Hennessey has fettled the supercharged V8 to achieve a 0-60mph time of less than three seconds.

The Exorcist upgrades can be applied to existing Camaro ZL1s for $55,000 (£44,000), although automatic cars will need an additional transmission upgrade costing $9,950 (£8,000). Those who don't already have a spare Camaro to hand, though, can purchase a brand new Exorcist from Chevrolet dealers.

Customers can choose between a six-speed manual gearbox or a 10-speed automatic, and anyone splashing the cash on the newcomer will also be offered the Drag Pack, which includes 20-inch alloys and extra-grippy tyres for putting all that power down. Alternatively, they can go for the Race Pack, which offers lightweight alloy wheels and track-derived Michelin rubber.

Hennessey president John Hennessey said: "Equipped with rear drag radial tyres, The Exorcist will deliver 0-60 mph times under three seconds while running the quarter-mile in less than 10 seconds.

"However, the Exorcist is not just a quarter-mile racer. It's a well-rounded super-muscle car that is just as happy on a road course as it is on the dragstrip and street. Needless to say, this will leave the competition's heads spinning."

Hennessey to “cast out the Demon” with new Exorcist

Hennessey to “cast out the Demon” with new Exorcist