Electric planes could be the way we travel in the future

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Aviation company Zunum Aero is developing an electric plane for regional commercial flights.

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It is are working with Boeing Horizon X and JetBlue Technology Ventures to develop 10-50 of these new aircraft.

The plan is to cut overall travel times with more efficient flying and a streamlined boarding process.

Passengers will be able to board like they would a train or a bus because you can bring your luggage into the cabin.

Studies show that many travelers choose driving over flying regionally because of how time-consuming a flight can be.

By using mostly 'general aviation airports', customers should be able to cut down on the wasted ground-time like the long drive to major airports as well as the wait time once you arrive.

The electric planes are supposed to be more efficient than jet-fueled planes and will have a backup generator on board for longer flights.

Zunum's first plane is expected to take flight in 2020 and to fly up to 700 miles, which is like a flight from San Francisco to Portland.

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