Road rage Jeep driver shunts badly-parked BMW between white lines

This is the shocking moment the driver of a highly modified Jeep used his massive 4x4 to shunt a badly-parked BMW into the correct bay.

The video, which was recorded by the unidentified driver's passenger, shows a black BMW parked across two bays in an undisclosed car park.
After seeing the selfishly-parked car, the Jeep driver can be heard saying to his passenger: "Look at this guy. Look at his parking, man. Go record, I'm going to do something."

The passenger then gets out of the off-roader to film the driver using the vehicle's massive wheels to nudge the BMW in between the white lines of the parking bay.

While the Jeep driver's efforts were successful, the owner of the BMW isn't likely to be too happy – as his car was left with a massive dent above the rear wheel.

It's unclear when the footage was recorded, or if it was staged, but the video was uploaded to YouTube on March 25.

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