Large ship disappears in the South Atlantic

Large ship disappears in the South Atlantic
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A large South Korean ship has gone missing in the South Atlantic.

The ship had 24 people on board, and was heading to the China from Brazil when it went missing.

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Two Filipino members of the crew have been found on a life raft and rescued, and the search continues for 22 other crew members. A South Korean foreign ministry official said eight of the missing are South Korean nationals and 14 are Filipinos.

The Uruguayan navy alerted merchant ships in the area, which began a search. A navy spokesman said they had reported a strong smell of fuel.

The BBC reports that on Friday a crew member sent a text saying the 312-metre-long Stellar Disney freighter was taking on water on the port side and was listing rapidly.

Teams from Uruguay and Brazil are assisting South Korea in the search.

According to the Telegraph, the Stellar Daisy is owned and operated by South Korea's Polaris Shipping based in Busan and was carrying iron ore on its journey.

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