Brace yourself for National Price Rise Day

National Price Rise DayThe

1st April is National Price Rise Day, as everyone from your local council to your gas supplier and dentist take the opportunity to hike prices. has tracked down 15 price rises on or around 1st April, and says that overall we'll have to find £1.7 billion more to cover our costs.

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Hannah Maundrell, Editor in Chief comments: "I'm not joking, it really is National Price Hike Day as the cost of everyday activities is going up left right and centre. From postage to prescription and dental costs, your wallet is going to be hit."

1) Council tax bills are expected to go up by 4% in England and Wales.

2) Water bills will go up by an average of £6 to £395 per household.

3) Prescription charges will increase by 20p from £8.40 to £8.60. It's going to make getting ill an even pricier business - especially if you have the misfortune of contracting something long term.

4) Dentists will charge NHS patients more. The cost of a check up will go up 90p to £20.60. The charge for 'band 2' (a bit more work) will rise from £53.90 to £56.30, and 'band 3' will go up by £10.60 from £233.70 to £244.30.

5) The price of a first class stamp rises from 64p to 65p, and the price of second class rises to 56p. Sending a small parcel is also 5p more expensive - at £3.40.

6) The TV licence costs £147 - up £1.50.

7) Air Passenger Duty on long haul flights is up 2.74% - so each flight costs up to £12 more.

8) On 2nd April BT price hikes will kick in - making 'basic broadband' £2.50 a month more expensive, and landline calls 1p pricier. BT Sport for Sky box users will cost £1.50 a month more, and call plans will cost 30p more.

9) EE bills will rise 2.5% - at the rate of January RPI.

10) O2 bills will rise 2.6% - at the rate of February RPI. Call charges outside the monthly allowance will rise at the same rate.

11) Vodafone customers that took out a plan on or after 5 May 2016 will have prices hiked 3.2% - the rate of RPI in March.

12) Scottish Power customers will see standard dual fuel bills rocket by an average of 7.8% or £86 per year.

13) nPower dual fuel bills have gone up by 9.8%, leaving customers on a standard variable tariff £110 out of pocket on average.

14) Co-op Energy will increase prices across its standard rates by 5%, leaving those with a dual fuel tariff typically £58 worse off.

15) SSE will be raising electricity prices - so dual fuel customers will be landed with an extra £73 to pay a year on average.

It goes to show how important it is to keep on top of your bills, and be alert to price rises. With inflation now rising, we need to be vigilant about any sneaky price rises, and switch as soon as possible to a better deal.
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