Corvette manages 209mph without using a drop of petrol

When you think of Corvettes, you tend to think of dramatic-looking two-seat coupes and convertibles fitted with V8 motors and slushy automatic gearboxes. There's a company in America, though, that's set about changing all that.

Genovation Cars, from Rockville, Maryland, is building converted 'Vettes that run solely on electricity. But just because the new cars are environmentally friendly doesn't mean they're slow.
The firm's boffins took an old C6-shape Corvette – a model that came out in 2006 – and set about turning it into a 700bhp street-legal monster with a 150-mile range.

In July last year, the company's modified Z06 passed the 205mph mark, and now Genovation has gone even faster.

As the video below shows, the GXE was taken to the Kennedy Space Center, where the 3.2-mile runway allowed it to get up to a top speed of 209mph.

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