Hero bystander stops motorist who appears drunk

This is the moment a heroic passer-by stopped a man from driving after he noticed that he appeared to be drunk.

Danny Tiplady, 30, filmed the encounter and had seen the unnamed motorist nearly fall over three times as he approached his blue Mazda in a busy car park in Maidstone, Kent.
He can be heard telling the man: "Are you ok? You're drunk, you shouldn't be behind the wheel of this car."

When the man doesn't seem to be taking his message on board, Tiplady reaches into the car and removes the keys before backing away.

He can then be heard saying: "I can't let you do it mate. I can't let you drive that car."

Tiplady then called the police, who confiscated the man's car keys. He was allowed to collect them from the station the next day. The incident took place on March 10.

The video does contain some coarse language.
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