Monkeys help missing tourist survive nine days in the Amazon

Black Capped Squirrel Monkey Portrait
Black Capped Squirrel Monkey Portrait

A tourist who spent nine days lost in the Amazon Rainforest has said that a group of monkeys helped him survive by bringing him food.

Maykool Coroseo Acuña, 25, from Chile, went missing in the Bolivian Amazon while on holiday.

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He said that the animals dropped food for him to eat and led him to water and shelter every day.

National Geographic reports that Maykool was visiting the Madidi National Park and camped near the Tuichi River with tour company Max Adventures.

Owner of the firm Feizar Nava said he had been "acting a little bit strange" before he disappeared.

Locals believe that he may have been driven mad and taken by mischievous sprite Duende, who hides his victims in another dimension.

After he went missing, park rangers spent days looking for Maykool. It was on the sixth day that they discovered his muddy socks.

The shamans said they were finally able to make contact with Maykool's soul and reach him.

On the ninth day, he was discovered screaming from the trees while holding a large walking stick.

He was reunited with his family back at the camp but was weak after days of feeling dehydrated and being bitten by insects. His feet and ankles were also swollen.