Police run over and kill fleeing gunwoman in shocking video

This is the horrifying moment a fleeing gunwoman was run over and killed by police after she opened fire on officers following a high-speed pursuit.

Madison Sueann Dickson, 21, died in the incident that took place last Saturday in Tulsa, Oklahoma, after she hit her head on the ground.
The graphic dashcam footage from a police vehicle shows Dickson attempting to flee police after a series of gunshots can be heard.

The police cruiser then mounts the pavement, and drives into Dickson as she is running away with the gun still in her hand. She falls and vanishes underneath the vehicle.

Dickson was wanted by police because of her alleged involvement in four other gun-related incidents in Tulsa, one of which involved a man crashing his car after being shot in the head.

Police pursued her after she was spotted outside an apartment building. She got into a pick-up truck and fled with the driver, before getting out and trying to run away on foot.

Authorities confirmed that two police officers had opened fire during the Tulsa incident but said that no-one had been hit by any bullets.

The policeman who was driving the vehicle, identified as Officer Jonathan Grafton, is now on paid leave while an investigation is carried out.
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