CCTV footage of hit and run turned into bizarre music video

CCTV footage of a hit and run incident shouldn't really be a source of amusement, regardless of how trivial it is.

However, that hasn't stopped someone from turning a video of a minor parking scrape into a bizarre, yet rather hilarious, music video.
The footage, which was uploaded to YouTube earlier this week, bears the description "Unedited security camera footage of the hit and run on my parked car last month". It shows a white car slowly reversing into a parked Hyundai Veloster before driving away.

What really makes the video, however, is that it has been set to the well-known Eric Prydz song Call On Me.

It's unclear whether the driver who backed into the parked car was ever made to pay for the damage he caused, but at least the owner of the damaged Hyundai seems to have a good sense of humour.

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