Builders 'paint over Banksy artwork' at Jamaica hotel


Workmen at a five-star hotel in Jamaica allegedly painted over £4 million worth of Banksy's artwork.

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The stencils were reportedly mistaken for graffiti by the builders at the luxury Geejam Hotel and painted over with white paint, the Daily Mail reports.

According to the newspaper, Banksy left the 11 stencils as a gift to the owners after staying at the Caribbean hotel.

A hotel source said the builders "thought a rogue visitor had debased the walls, and promptly painted over the ones on the outside of the building."

They added that the owners were "mortified".

In 2015, a train passenger claiming to be Banksy gave a schoolboy a signed copy of an iconic print while travelling in Cumbria.

Ben Azarya, 14, who was on a train in Oxenholme, said the man introduced himself as Robin Banks before handing him the print.

The gesture was made after Ben helped 'Banksy' pick up paints that he dropped on the floor.

According to the Mirror, giving the picture to the boy, Banksy said: "This will be worth about £20,000 - have a good life."

Ben had no idea who Banksy was before he got home and googled him.