BMW driver taunted by newscaster after beaching his SUV

Broadcasters in Australia have captured the hilarious moment an unwitting motorist managed to beach his BMW X5.

Video footage from 7News shows the luxury SUV bogged down in deep sand on Palm Beach Sydney while the owner tries and fails to get the big Bimmer unstuck.
As if the whole debacle wasn't already funny enough, reporter Bryan Seymour then proceeds to relentlessly mock the man's efforts during his running commentary for the news segment.

"What time's high tide? Maybe we can sail it out of here," he quips.

The unnamed BMW driver enlisted the help of a Mitsubishi SUV to try and help pull the stranded car out of the sand, only to have that vehicle get stuck as well.

Eventually, a tractor fitted with a bucket arrives to dig the X5 out of the sand.

Perhaps the BMW driver will think twice before taking his SUV to the beach again.

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