Lunatic bulldozer driver terrifies motorists

Incredibly bizarre footage has emerged that shows a seemingly out-of-control bulldozer hopping and skipping about on a busy urban road.

The bulldozer can be see emerging from a line of traffic and approaching the front of the car that filmed the event. It starts rocking back and forth on its wheels and bouncing around the road, before the driver manages to get it to perform a wheelie.
Traffic surrounding the crazy construction vehicle can be seen pulling to a stop, with some cars even attempting to turn around to avoid being crashed into.

In a rather strange bit of irony, the bulldozer's hazard light can be seen flashing for the duration of the video.

It is unclear where this strange video was originally shot, or why the driver was behaving in such a manner, but he appears to slump over the steering wheel towards the end of the video.
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