Video shows man's dramatic escape as car is washed away

Dramatic footage has surfaced in Peru as a man miraculously escapes being washed away by flooding that has ravaged the country.

The video shows the man trying to cross a swollen river in Canete, near the capital, Lima, but his car is washed away by the force of the water, before becoming wedged among some rocks.
The car's windscreen smashes as it slams into the river bank, allowing the unscathed driver to climb through and move to safety with incredible calmness.

Recent heavy rain has swept across the South American nation, and officials say the floods are the worst in around 30 years. The authorities claim more than 72 people have been killed, while many more are missing.

Water and food are in short supply in many regions, and the government says prices for goods and services across the country have risen by an average of five per cent.
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