Terrified child screams when hungry llama sticks head into car

A greedy llama left a child screaming when it stuck its head into a family's car to get some food from a bucket.

The Jensen family was visiting the Tennessee Safari Park when they stopped to feed the grazing llamas along the way.

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One of the super-hungry animals got inside their car and reached for a boy's bucket of pellets.

As the boy screams and appears pinned down by the hungry animal, his parents laugh, knowing that he is not in danger, while filming their terrified son.

They remove the bucket from the animal and it leaves the car.

While many social media users were amused by the child's reaction, one YouTuber said: "Aww everyone keeps calling this kid a woosie on Reddit but jesus! He's a little kid and llama with big teeth is in the car eating right over his face, I think it's perfectly understandable that he would be afraid/upset! He's not crying because the llama is eating the food, he's crying because an animal much bigger than him is in his bubble. That said, he'll look back on it and laugh someday!"

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