Russians invent best winter sport ever

Curling has always been a niche sport here in Britain, despite commendable success in the Winter Olympics, but a new sport in Russia may help boost its popularity.

Instead of using big stones and brushes, a Baltic brainwave saw four teams compete in Russia's first-ever car curling tournament.
Using stripped out and lightened old cars, the sport is played on an open stretch of ice (frozen lakes work well) and involves a group of people pushing the car towards the target while the sole occupant attempts to steer.

Car curling does appear to use a fair bit more space than normal curling, but there's more fun to be had from watching a group of people in bibs fall over as they push a clapped-out Lada Oka across an ice rink.

Whether car curling will catch on on this side of the North Sea remains to be seen, but we suspect it might be skating on thin ice with the health and safety bods.

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