Pedestrians trample over car blocking crossing

There is little more infuriating than a selfish motorist blocking a zebra crossing on a busy city street.

To teach one such ignorant motorist a lesson, the pedestrians in this short clip decide to act with their feet and walk over the bonnet of the car in protest.
Filmed from the side of a city road, the video shows a black saloon creeping up to a busy zebra crossing, only to roll over the painted white lines when a heavy stream of traffic blocks his turning.

Pedestrians begin to file around the car until a gentleman walking with a female throws his hands in the air in frustration at the driver.

He then proceeds to walk over the bonnet, with his female companion following close behind.

Then, out of the blue, three more pedestrians join in on the action and trample over the bonnet until the driver seemingly gets the message and reverses backwards.
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