Watch as utility truck travels down highway with cherry-picker extended

A video has surfaced on Instagram showing a utility truck driving down a highway with its cherry-picker arm extended.

The video is slightly obscured by the dirt on the camera vehicle's windscreen, but it clearly shows the truck travelling along a four-lane highway in El Paso, Texas, with the cherry-picker bucket fully extended.
As the truck wobbles slightly, it passes under gantries with little room to spare, and narrowly misses road signs.

However, it seems the incident ended happily, with no damage caused and nobody hurt.

Moy_Monster, who published the footage, said: "We flagged the driver down and let him know so nobody would get hurt. Who knows what could have happened, but I'm glad everything was OK. The driver was very grateful."

Another user, Catherine_s74 said: "That's insane. Lucky driver."

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