Truck falls through frozen lake in horrifying video

Terrifying footage has emerged showing the moment a truck plunges through the surface of a frozen lake.

The incident, which could have easily been fatal, took place on Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada.
One of the occupants can be heard asking the driver why they're slowing down, seconds before the ice gives way and the truck falls into the freezing water.

A passenger can be heard screaming, while another yells "bail, bail".

According to reports, the two people in the vehicle managed to escape without injury, and refused treatment from emergency medical services.

The truck, however, wasn't so lucky. As it was unsalvageable, it is still submerged under the ice.

The driver allegedly ignored earlier warnings from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for people to stay off the ice as there was a rapid current running beneath the surface, making it unsafe for crossing.

It is unclear from the footage when the potentially fatal incident took place.
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