This is the best time of the day to eat

Do you like to eat late at night?

Sorry, but it's just not healthy.

A bunch of experts have got together and published a review in the American Heart Association's academic journal, and it pretty much says that eating at night is a huge no-no.

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Why? Because your body knows when it's time to power up and take on the day's activities and when it's time to power down and get ready for sleep.

The experts say when you don't go along with your body's natural rhythm, you're doing it a disservice.

As for what is considered 'late' that's a little trickier - some suggest making your last meal at 6pm - while others say two hours before bedtime.

If you stick to the rule "the earlier is better" you should be fine.

Almost all of the studies suggest eating earlier in the day is better.

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