Shocking footage shows man being flushed out of car before being shot dead

Cameras have captured the shocking moment a motorist was flushed out of his vehicle with a high-powered water hose before being shot dead by police.

A police statement confirmed that the man, identified as 33-year-old Michael Anthony Perez, had been pulled over for a broken tail light in Anaheim, California, on Saturday evening.
Perez refused to get out of his minivan and barricaded himself in the vehicle for around half an hour, giving authorities cause for concern when he produced a lighter and gas container.

Apparently fearing for the man's safety, the police and fire departments used a powerful fire hose to extract him from his vehicle

Once he had been removed from the car, Perez reached behind his back and produced a knife, before a police officer shot him in the upper torso.

Perez was taken to a local hospital, but pronounced dead on arrival.

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