Police find two calves wedged into a Honda Civic

Police in California came to the rescue after receiving reports of a cow stuck in a parked car.

The California Highway Patrol for the San Gorgonio Pass received calls last Saturday, which stated there was a cow trying to escape from the boot of a parked Honda Civic.
When the patrol arrived on the scene, they found not one, but two bovines in the vehicle.

Both animals were calves, and they had their hooves tied. One was in the boot, the other had been wedged into the rear footwells.

With the help of livestock specialists, the officers managed to get the animals out of the vehicle and took them to "a grassy area under a large oak tree".

The vehicle was registered to an address more than 250 miles away and found to have false tags, but it was not registered as stolen. It has now been impounded as evidence.

A police statement said: "At approximately 8:25am, California Highway Patrol began receiving 911 calls stating that a cow was attempting to climb out of the trunk of a parked car. The vehicle, a 2001 white Honda Civic, was stopped on the south shoulder of eastbound I-10, east of Highland Springs Avenue.

"Officers were able to remove the calves from the Honda, and with the help of the Riverside County Brand Inspector (Bureau of Livestock Identification – California Department of Food and Agriculture) halter them to a grassy area under a large oak tree."

According to local media, police are searching for the driver and trying to find out whether the animals have been stolen. For the time being, the calves will be cared for at a local ranch.

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