Helmet camera footage shows motorcycle crash after speeding through junctions

This outrageous video from Brazil shows a motorcyclist crashing after speeding through six sets of traffic lights.

The footage from Sao Paulo came from a camera thought to be mounted on the rider's helmet, and shows the bike weaving through traffic.
It is not known when the video was filmed, but the bike passes through multiple junctions at speed, and one pedestrian is forced to leap out of the two-wheeler's way.

Eventually, though, the biker is stopped when a delivery motorcycle pulls out into the road and the two vehicles crash.

The rider puts out ungloved hands to break his or her fall, then hits the tarmac. Not only was the rider of the speeding bike not wearing protective clothing, but the delivery bike's rider was also dressed in light clothing, rather than leathers.

The extent of the injuries is not known, but the speed involved would suggest that both riders would have at least suffered cuts and grazes.
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