Footage shows woman karate kicking car in Argentinian street

Extraordinary footage from Buenos Aires has surfaced showing a woman violently assaulting another motorist.

It's not quite clear what the woman is upset about, but she appears to be the owner of a white hatchback which has been hit by a white Honda CR-V.
She repeatedly kicks the door of the SUV, before assaulting the male driver, who gets out between her attacks.

As the two talk animatedly, the man tries to calm her down and goes to inspect the damage, but she lashes out viciously.

She aims several punches at the man, despite the fact he would appear to be around a foot taller than her.

The man does not respond to the provocation, but simply uses his arms to try and protect himself.

Twitter user Ema Navarro tweeted the video, saying: "These violent actions are deplorable."

Well, they say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...
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