Why has local postie refused to deliver to this cul-de-sac?

Derek and Patricia Read with their Shetland sheepdog Missy on Dormy Close, in Bramcote Nottinghamshire. 8/3/2017.  A postman who says he was chased by a cute Shetland sheepdog is refusing to deliver to residents on a Nottinghamshire street.  See NTI story NTIDOG.  Three-year-old bundle of fluff Missy, has allegedly chased one postie on his round which has resulted in most homes in the street not receiving mail since Christmas Eve.  One couple say the problem has been going on for 18 months.  Royal Mail has decided that residents in Dormy Close, in Bramcote, will have to do a four-mile round trip to Beeston Post Office if they want their letters or packages.  But owners of the dog, Derek and Patricia Read, said Missy was just doing her duty as a guard dog - but has never bitten a visitor to their home.

Derek and Patricia Read, pensioners from Dormy Close in Bramcote, Nottingham, have been told that the postman will no longer deliver to their house - or any of the others in their street - because their dog is to scary. It's not the first time post has been suspended for an odd reason.

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The couple told the Daily Mail that post had been suspended to the ten houses on the leafy cul-de-sac. The reason given was their dog Missy. Royal Mail said she posed an 'unacceptable risk' and that once she had chased the postman away from the property.

Now everyone in the street has to make a four-mile round-trip to the post office to collect their mail.

Derek, (80) said that the previous postman hadn't worried about the small Shetland Sheepdog barking, and that there only seemed to be a problem with the new one. He claimed that the new employee had 'baited' his dog with the post - and tried to hit her. He added that while the dog had followed him, she had never been within three feet of him.

The Nottingham Post spoke to neighbours on the street, who said they'd never had any issues with the dog. However, the Royal Mail stood by its decision, and said it would only reinstate deliveries if the dog was 'secured', and their employee was safe.


Derek and Patricia have been bemused by the decision, but they are far from the first to have post suspended for a reason that they cannot fathom.

1. Cat
Last year, a couple from Patchway in Bristol was told to restrain their cat. Bella had apparently being trying to snatch the mail, and the postie was worried about getting scratched. They were warned that unless she was restrained, or an alternative postbox was supplied, deliveries would be suspended.

2. Hanging baskets
In 2014 a couple missed their deliveries for a fortnight, after a postie said their hanging baskets were too big. In this case there wasn't a formal suspension: a Royal Mail inspector visited the property, and said deliveries should continue.

3. Rain
In 2012, an 82-year-old in West Yorkshire was told she wouldn't get her post when it rained, because it made her path too slippery. They wouldn't accept the argument that somehow the Octogenarian homeowner managed to walk on the path in all weathers.

4. Seagulls
In 2015, a road in Perranporth had deliveries suspended because posties were being attacked by nesting seagulls. They didn't start up again until the seagulls had moved on.

5. A spider
In 2013 in Clapham, post was halted for a day at one house, because the postie saw a spider on the garden gate. The letter was delivered by another postie the next day, and Royal Mail apologised.

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