Motorist refuses to let bus pass in narrow London street

A cyclist's helmet-mounted camera has captured the bizarre moment a stubborn motorist in London refused to reverse when faced with a bus.

The unusual stand-off happened in a narrow street with cars and vans parked on either side, and it caused a small traffic jam.
It is not clear how long the face-off had been going on for, but the queue behind the blue Toyota Yaris Verso would suggest it had continued for some minutes.

Despite the protestations of the cyclist with the camera and another motorist, the driver refused to back down.

She remonstrated with other road users, blaming the bus for not stopping in a more convenient place, and stood her ground.

Eventually, after being told repeatedly that the bus was not allowed to reverse, the motorist finally gave in and backed just a few yards down the street to let the 225 service to Canada Water pass.
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