Terrifying footage demonstrates the perils of winter driving

This is the chilling moment that a car loses control after hitting an icy patch of road.

The dashcam footage shows a black car attempting to overtake a green Toyota Yaris on a snowy road.Once the passing car manages to get in front of the Yaris, the driver suddenly loses control of the vehicle, and starts to wildly fish-tail all over the road.

The car can then be seen swerving dramatically off the road to left, hitting the snow-covered field and rolling on to its side in an explosion of powder.

The driver of the green Yaris and the car that was recording the dashcam footage then immediately pull over to the side of the road, arguably so they can provide the driver of the crashed car with some much-needed assistance.

It is unclear from the video whether anyone was hurt in the incident. The time stamp on the video shows it was filmed in July 2013, although it has only recently surfaced on YouTube.

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