Five incredible jobs that actually exist

Could you make a living from watching TV or drinking coffee?

Friday feeling

How glad are you that it's Friday? If you've been counting down to the weekend all week, then maybe it's time to consider a career change. You would be forgiven for thinking that no job is perfect, and that you might as well slog through the week doing your current mind-numbing job, instead of facing a whole heap of upheaval for another equally boring role. However, you'd be wrong.

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There are plenty of incredible jobs out there for the right applicant. Here are five of our favourites.

VR host
Glasgow-based VR company Geekzonia just released a call for applicants for their VR Events Host role. You'll be expected to help with events, and meet and greet game players. However, all your work will be done in the world of VR, so while the VR version of you is glammed up, hob-nobbing with celebrities, the real you is sitting on your sofa in your pyjamas.

Netflix tagger
If the idea of working from the sofa in your pyjamas appeals, then your ideal job might just be as a Netflix tagger. These don't come up terribly often, but they were recruiting in 2014 and again in 2016 (although the second time for specialists in kids' content). The idea is that you watch the shows, then tag them accurately enough so that they'll be sensibly suggested to people who have just watched something similar. So essentially you're paid to watch TV for a living.

LEGO Master Builder
If you have turned brick assembly into an art in the comfort of your own home, you can cash in. Expert LEGO builders create sculptures for window displays, events and LEGOland, and those at the top of their LEGO game can earn an annual salary of around £26,300. It's not a bad income for essentially playing with LEGO all day.

Coffee drinker
OK, technically this is a coffee buyer for Taylors of Harrogate. However, you'll need to brew and taste the coffee before you buy, so you can expect to get through a fair quantity of the stuff. They are looking for a trained coffee taster - something that many people feel they have been preparing for their whole adult life.

Chief Imagination Officer
There are two key points to this role worth explaining up-front. You'll be paid in juice and toys, and you'll need to be aged nine or under. You will help the Naturelly Family develop new flavours and formats, and will be expected to play, have fun, do a bit of drawing, and Skype the 'junior board' (of othere kids) three times a year.

Professional Bed Tester
Aimed at the those who like to get their beauty sleep, professional bed testers can range from testing a luxury line of beds, to travelling to various hotels around the world to test out hotel beds and even the role of a John Lewis duvet tester. The job pays around £12 per hour depending on the role, with luxury bed testers being a more temporary position with a month dedicated to sleeping in various beds to test their comfort levels.

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