Ten ways modern cruise ships better top hotels

Offering a range of activities from golf to rock climbing, boasting the kind of food and drink expected in fine restaurants - this is why cruises are the new destinations of choice.

Discovery cruise ship

You'll be spoiled
Cruise ships have come a long way in a short time, and are now ahead of top hotels in many ways. With beautiful cabins and luxurious dining and bar options, choice is something at which modern cruises excel.

Forget one pricey meal at your hotel - on a cruise, all your food is included and the variety is huge.

You get great value
When you add it all up, cruises are excellent value. Top hotels could never compete in terms of price per night. Included in your rates are your meals, room service, all of your entertainment (from movies on the top deck to Broadway-style shows and live piano concerts). Dependent on which cruise you book, you'll even get your tips and service charges, alcohol and transportation included in the price.

It is like having several holidays in one
If you booked a multi-destination holiday in luxury accommodation with all your transport, it would take a lot of organising and stress, and a cruise eliminates that pressure. In fact, there is zero hassle in reaching your destination, arriving, as you do, at each port lying by the pool, sipping cocktails. Cruise destinations are incredibly exciting and varied.

There is something for everyone on board
Cruises offer something for everyone and the activities and choice are remarkable.

It is super family friendly
While some top hotels may turn their noses up at children staying, on a cruise ship, they are welcomed with open arms and everything is designed to keep little ones and adults happy alike. For toddlers, there are kids' clubs so they can play to their heart's content, while mum and dad get some time by the pool. Teenagers are sorted, with their own hang out spots and countless fun to be found.

Cruises couldn't be easier to plan
If you are looking for an exciting holiday that takes very little planning, then you're in luck with a cruise. Other than deciding which destinations you want to travel to, there is not much else to do – it has all been meticulously planned out for you, from the booking process to the moment you set foot on and off the ship, to how they handle your luggage. Cabins are brilliantly thought out and well equipped with plenty of storage space, while any connecting flights and ground transportation is pre-prepared. All you have to do is kick back, relax and enjoy yourself.

Everything you need is under one roof
It's not just the eating, drinking and accommodation that's sorted out for you on a cruise, there's more entertainment and activities than you could shake a stick at. Boredom will never factor into your equation on a cruise. As well as sports, there are casinos and a raft of boutique shops, so you can shop 'til you drop on board. There'll be a captain's gala reception and even fitness classes and cocktail making workshops on some ships.

It's a completely different experience
Hotels are a lovely treat, but a cruise is a whole different ball game in terms of experience. You can't help but be in good spirits with the joyous atmosphere on board. Cruises are also romantic. Getting to dress up together and look out at the stars from the top deck is wonderful. You can order champagne to your room, or go one step further and have your marriage blessing on board.

You get pampered
Cruise spas can seriously rival those of any top hotel. You can swim laps in an indoor pool with a glass canopy roof, unwind in the sauna or go for a full pampering session and get your hair and nails done ready for your evening out, all while en-route to your next destination.

It's a great place to meet people
Hotels can be transient places, with people coming and going at any time of day and night with little chance to meet other people. Cruises are completely different. They offer a sociable and enjoyable atmosphere, and making new friends is incredibly easy. The ships are big enough for you to take time for yourself, have romantic moments or join in on all the activities.
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