Cheapest roadworthy car in Britain sells for staggeringly low £3.19

A 17-year-old Rover 45 has become what is thought to be the cheapest roadworthy car in the UK, after selling on eBay for a meagre £3.19.

Amazingly, the hatchback is fully taxed and has a valid MOT that will last for another seven months – more than enough to see it through the summer.
Consumer motoring site set out to discover just how cheaply it could buy a road-legal car, picking up the base-specification Rover 45 1.4 for less than the average price of a pint in London.

While the Rover might not be the newest car in the world, claims it is in tidy condition and that it drives perfectly well.

The site's editorial director, Daniel Harrison, said: "We think this may be the cheapest used car in Britain.

"And while buying it may have been initially for a bit of fun, there are a couple of serious points to take from this.

"First, that the UK has some of the cheapest – if not the cheapest – used cars in Europe, meaning that you can run a half-decent car even if you're on a tight budget, and second, that our consumerist society leads to massive depreciation, or otherwise perfectly usable cars being prematurely scrapped.

"There are few other places in the world where you could find a fully functional used car this cheaply, but the very fact that we did proves that it's entirely possible."

The consumer site bought the car in an online eBay auction that was completely open to the public.
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