Handy tips for recently burgled glamour model Rhian Sugden

Rhian Sugden leaves the Celebrity Big Brother House at Elstree Studios in London after being evicted.

Page 3 Model Rhian Sugden has been in the headlines, telling the newspapers of her fear and horror after returning home last week to find that burglars had broken into her home, and stolen thousands of pounds worth of jewellery, handbags and electrical goods. She said she's not sure she can continue living there, but the solution doesn't have to be so drastic. We reveal the three key steps she can take to keep herself safer.

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Sugden is right to be worried about burglars striking again. A study earlier this month found that 28% of people get burgled again in the same property, and there's even an 8% chance they'll be targeted a third or fourth time.

It means, therefore, that she will need to take three vital steps to protect her home and belongings.

1. Protect the boundaries
It's important to ensure you have secure and robust locks for all accessible doors and windows. After a break-in, if there's any chance those locks have been breached or keys stolen, you will need to change these locks to keep your home safe. It's also well worth considering a burglar alarm, which can help deter burglars from the outset, or stop them in their tracks, and CCTV cameras on vulnerable entrances.

2. Consider social media
Like any model, Sugden makes a great deal of use of social media, but it's always worth considering carefully how much you are giving away. Any posts showing interiors of her home, where she keeps valuables, views of her house, and details of when she is out and about will make life easier for burglars.

3. Think about where you keep items in the house
According to Together Mutual Insurance, 96% of us hide valuables away at home - with a third keeping it in the back of a drawer, a quarter keeping it in the wardrobe and one in ten keeping it in jacket pockets hanging around the house. It's definitely worth taking the time to do this (or ideally use a safe), or all the burglars have to do is swipe your jewellery box. At the very least you need to ensure that valuables are kept out of sight.

It's also worth getting to know the neighbours, so they recognise you and can tell whether anyone gaining access to your home should be there or not. Of course Sugden probably has fewer concerns about being recognised by the neighbours than most of us.

Top 10 burglary hotspots
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Top 10 burglary hotspots

Ed Miliband is pictured in Ilford, on the outskirts of this troubled area.

Burglary is a top policing priority for IG3 - which also has related issues with drug use and anti-social behaviour.

Opportunistic crime has been identified as a particular threat, and police are hoping to reduce the number of offences largely by getting people to improve security and reduce the number of opportunities.

Cockfosters has changed a bit since this 1950s photo. Nowadays burglary is such a problem that local police have made this their top priority .

They are aware that a number of known offenders continue to operate in the area, and that opportunistic crime is rife. As a result they have beefed up patrols.

This part of West Yorkshire, on the outskirts of Bradford, seems quiet, but has seen an unusual number of burglaries.

Police insist that the number of burglaries in the area is falling, but add that a few prolific burglars in the past have affected the figures.

Distraction burglaries are a particular problem here, where homeowners are targeted by criminals who talk their way into a property, and then distract the homeowner while they steal valuable belongings. The victims in these cases tend to be elderly and vulnerable.

This is another busy postcode in East London, with a high turnover of residents, making it easy for burglars to operate.

It is among Britain's less affluent areas, with problems with street crime and anti-social behaviour, and opportunistic burglars are known to operate locally.

Burglary has recently been identified as a priority crime in this part of Doncaster, along with spots of anti social behaviour and problems linked with drug use.

The police are working to encourage better security measures to combat professional burglaries targeting the most vulnerable homes.

This is a very diverse area, with the posher streets proving rich pickings for career burglars. The postcode area is also home to some areas of real deprivation, and within one of the estates in particular there is a real problem with crime.

It's also on the doorstep of Stretford - where Katie Price once tried her hand at politics

The former home of West Ham's Bobby Moore (pictured moving in) is another high placing on this list for East London.

It’s a busy area, with a reasonably high turnover of residents, making it easy for burglars to pass undetected.

One recent trend has been the targeting of Asian families for their family jewellery. Police are now suggesting that anyone with valuables like this at home should invest in a home safe - and improve the overall security of their property

East of London, and home to the famous Ford plant, is the nation’s overall burglary claim hotspot.

Theft has been a long-term problem in the area, and police say it’s impossible to pinpoint exactly why. They suggest a number of career criminals, ineffective security, and people storing valuables at home could be contributory factors.


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