Police investigate after Ferrari driver almost causes huge accident

Police are investigating an incident involving a Ferrari driver in West Sussex after a video appeared online.

The incident happened on Saturday just outside the Goodwood racing circuit, as a black Ferrari 488 GTB left the site.
Video footage on YouTube shows the car pulling out of the Goodwood driveway before accelerating down the road. As the car speeds up, however, it loses traction at the rear and begins to fishtail wildly.

Veering down the road, the supercar, which may also land its owner in hot water for not displaying a front registration plate, swerves well clear of a Mercedes van, but comes within inches of a Ford Mondeo. As the Mondeo stops, its driver presumably in shock after coming so close to a huge and expensive accident, the Ferrari carries on its way, the driver seemingly unperturbed.

A Sussex police spokesperson confirmed there would be an investigation.

"Police received a report about the nature of the driving of a Ferrari near to Goodwood on Saturday, February 25," the spokesperson said. "We are investigating. Anyone who saw what happened, including the driver of the red Ford Mondeo, which was almost involved in a collision, is asked to call 101 and quote serial 394 of 27/2."

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