2017 F1 cars look stunning in retro liveries

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The new rules for 2017's Formula One season have made the cars louder, faster and better looking, and the flood of recently revealed models has had F1 fans going mad for the liveries.

One artist, however, has taken a step back from the new designs and imagined the dramatic-looking vehicles in retro paint schemes.
Designer Sean Bull has used computer rendering to apply several famous liveries to the recently launched 2017 F1 cars, including the Williams FW16 livery from 1994 and the McLaren MP4/4 colour scheme from 1988.

There are more modern designs, including the 2005 Renault R26 livery in which Fernando Alonso won his first world championship.

2017 F1 cars look stunning in retro liveries
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2017 F1 cars look stunning in retro liveries

With the low nose, tall vertical fin and elaborate barge boards, the 2017 cars certainly look staggering in the retro paint jobs, which rather put some of the real championship cars' drab colour schemes to shame.

Fans of Michael Schumacher will be pleased to see the 7Up Jordan 191 he drove in 1991, while we suspect Max Verstappen might fancy a go in the Arrows A21 colours his father sported in 2000.

Bull has had to get inventive with some of the colour schemes, though, with the 2017 cars sporting far more complicated bodywork than the classic cars they have been painted to look like.

The McLaren MP4/4 scheme, for example, is applied to a far more aerodynamic car than the one it was originally intended for, and some sponsor decals have had to move slightly. In general, though, it's a faithful reincarnation of the original.
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