Drink driver arrested after cartwheeling during sobriety test

This is the bizarre moment that a woman in New Bonnie, Albuquerque, was caught on police camera performing a cartwheel as a part of a field sobriety test.

Bryelle Marshall was found asleep at the wheel of her Volkswagen at 6pm on February 17 and was asked to perform a sobriety test by police.
Footage shows the officer asking Marshall, 23, to walk in a straight line as part of the sobriety test, although she clearly had other ideas.

Instead of putting one foot in front of the other, the inebriated Marshall instead decides to perform a full on cartwheel. She successfully completes one, but police aren't keen for her to try a second.

The officer orders her to stop what she's doing, and when Marshall does not, she ends up being arrested and taken to the station where she was charged with aggravated DWI, battery and driving with an expired licence plate.
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