Australian boy wrestles with snake under family car

This is the hair-raising moment a teenager calmly wrestles a two-metre carpet python out from underneath a Toyota in Australia.

Spine-tingling footage shows Oli Wardrope, 14, from Seventeen Seventy in Queensland wrangle the snake out from the Land Cruiser – all before heading to school for the day.
Wardrope can be seen with his hand in the undercarriage of the vehicle, grabbing hold of the snake as its tail writhes across his chest and face.

He then slides his way out from underneath the Land Cruiser, with the huge snake grasped firmly in his gloved hand.

After successfully pulling the snake out, he bags it and shakes hands with the man who helped him remove the reptile.

The Daily Mail reported that Wardrope's father, known as Chazza, posted the video to Facebook, saying: "That's my boy, been wrangling since he was five.

"Just a morning before school for him!"

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