Shocking footage shows cyclist knocked off bike by passing car

This is the horrendous moment a cyclist is knocked off his bike by the seemingly careless driver of a passing vehicle.

Dashcam footage shows a silver Vauxhall Astra appearing to drive straight into the Lycra-clad cyclist, sending him toppling to the ground in a painful crash.
It would seem that the person behind the wheel of the Astra failed to see the man on the bike, and ended up clipping his elbow.

The cyclist didn't appear to be too seriously hurt and was escorted off the road by Richard Moule, 23, who was in the car that caught the incident on film.

Moule told the Daily Mail: He was bruised and battered but had no broken bones, his elbow hurt the most as that's what took most of the damage.

"It was his clothing and bike that came out worse off.

"After about five minutes the driver came out of her car."

Moule said that police had been called, but no legal action was to be taken.

He added: "Another driver in the blue Polo called an ambulance, I hovered around for about five minutes but I wasn't needed so I gave my details and left.

"I believe it's only being dealt with through insurances."

The side-by-side incident occurred on February 12, along the A23 in West Sussex, but footage only surfaced yesterday.

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