Mother's Day sorted: the ultimate gift - for free

Mother's Day gift for free
Mother's Day gift for free

Mother's Day is looming on the horizon (it's on 26th March), bringing with it the usual spending agonies. Clearly (as she will point out), if you really love her, you'll get your mum something really special. However, at the same time, your finances won't necessarily stretch to a lavish gift - and she won't be impressed if she discovers you went deeper in debt to buy her something nice for the day. Fortunately, there's a solution: the perfect Mothers' Day gift, which won't cost you a penny.

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The answer is a hamper of goodies, packed with freebies, heartfelt gifts, clever solutions and something for even the hardest-to-please mum.

1. Free lipstick
Head Money Saver Anushka Fernando from Magic Freebies has spotted that Topcashback is currently offering a deal for new users on any Mac lipstick from Fragrance Direct. You just sign up, click through to buy any Mac lipstick from Fragrance Direct, and the money will be refunded to your account in full. It will even cover the postage.

2. Free Nail File and Nail Art Stickers
The users of have spotted that you can get a free sample nail file and nail stickers from Just complete your details on the website, and you'll receive your freebie in the post.

3. A personalised phone skin - featuring your face
What mum isn't going to love a phone skin with her favourite picture of you - or one of the family? If you have an O2 phone, and the priority app (even if you just use a pay as you go SIM), then you can get the freebie from Wrappz worth £7.99. Unfortunately you will have to pay postage and packaging at £2.50 - so you'll need to decide if she's worth it.

4. Movie night
You can join her on the sofa for a free movie night if you have a phone on the O2 network - including a pay-as-you-go SIM. You get one film for free from Priority Movies, so whether she's the kind of mum who would go for Independence Day: Resurgence, or The Truth About Cats and Dogs, you can catch a film for free. You can even mock up a cinema ticket for the hamper if you want to get all fancy about it.

5. Free Mother's Day card
If the kids in the family are of primary school age, then something homemade is always going to go down well. One easy solution is a printable card you can get them to colour in and personalise. You could even get away with one of these cards if the kids are a bit older, if you sell it as 'adult colouring in' - which is apparently very fashionable.

6. The message 'dinner is on me!" in the card
If you take her to Hungry Horse for dinner after 6pm, then Latestdeals points out that you can take advantage of the 'mums eat free' deal. This will get her a free Sunday roast or pub favourite as long as you order a meal too.

7. Make an IOU coupon booklet
Everyone knows the things that drive their mum mad, and the things that make her happy, so produce a book of coupons that she can cash in - and make her life better. This may be the opportunity to spend time together, go out somewhere, or for you to sort some sort of technology. For younger people, the tidying of rooms and keeping them clean are usually key issues.