Bizarre footage shows drunk man trying to hitch ride on Land Rover

This is the rather unfortunate moment where a man tries to hitch a ride on the back of a Land Rover, only to fall off on to the road.

Witnesses claim the plucky passenger was drunk, and he can be seen lumbering down the pavement beside a road in the Kent town of Sheerness.
As he approaches the entrance to Sheerness Holiday Park, he makes a snap decision to jump on the back of the off-roader as it was pulling out of the side road.

In his drunken state, he is promptly thrown off the back of the Land Rover, before picking himself up and carrying on his way.

Rachel Blackstock, whose daughter Stacey filmed the incident, told the Daily Mail: "Stacey was walking down the road and the guy was struggling but the last thing she was expecting was him to jump on the back of the Land Rover.

"He jumped off the pavement on to the back of the car.

"When I watched the video I thought it was funny. We've never seen anything like it before. He was drunk and obviously had a very late night or a very good breakfast.

"Stacey said the guy fell off and did a barrel roll and walked on to the pavement on the other side.

"The row of traffic that was driving along behind were all laughing.

"The guy looked in his 40s, but he should've known better."

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