Female cyclist gets revenge on catcalling van driver

A cyclist in London has been caught on camera getting revenge on a van driver and his passenger who 'catcalled' her - but is all as it seems?

In the clip, a van driver can be seen beeping his horn and swerving towards a female cyclist while she waits at a red light on Tottenham Court Road in London. The passenger asks if she wants his number, but she pushes away his advances and says: "Go away."
He then begins a barrage of insults, asking her if she's 'on her period' and calling her an 'old dog', before inviting her out for a drink. He also touches her shoulder, causing her to slap his hand away.

When the light goes green the van pulls away, but the cyclist chases it down. After the driver pulls to the side of the road, the cyclist stops alongside and rips the wing mirror off.

A biker following behind caught the whole exchange on his helmet camera. After the cyclist leaves he pulls alongside the van and says to its occupants: "That's exactly what you deserve, you scum!"

However, the video's authenticity has now been called into question. The Sun interviewed a man who said he saw the cyclist and the van's occupants talking to a third party before the incident happened. Also, the video was uploaded directly to a channel owned by a viral video licensing agency called Jungle Creations, while a Reddit page dedicated to dashcam videos deleted the clip from its listings because moderators couldn't verify it.

Unless one of the involved parties comes forward to authenticate the clip, this could go down as another viral video designed to dupe the Internet.

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