February's best 0% Balance Transfer credit cards

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We've got together with money experts at MoneySuperMarket and have done the hard work in finding the longest 0% card, the lowest 0% balance transfer fees and bad credit cards available this February.

It's important that you choose the right 0% credit card as it can go a long way in reducing the amount of money you're paying your debts resulting in more disposable income.

Whilst credit card providers are fighting over the best terms and rates in the market, customers reap the benefits with increasingly longer duration and lower fee cards.

We've rounded up the leading offers in the market on 0% balance transfer card for duration of transfer, 0% credit cards for low balance transfer fees and the best 0% cards for people that have bad credit.

0% balance transfer credit cards with the longest interest-free periods

If you're looking for the card with the longest time possible on your existing debt, and don't want to pay any interest, here are the leading cards:

43 months – Halifax MasterCard – 2.98% fee – 18.9% APR

43 months - MBNA Platinum Credit Card - 2.99% fee - 18.9% APR

42 months – Lloyds Bank Platinum Credit Card – 2.3% fee – 18.9% APR

40 months - Sainsbury's Bank Nectar Long Balance Transfer Credit Card - 2.35% fee - 18.9% APR

42 months – Nuba transfer Credit Card – 3.29% - 18.9% APR

41 months – Bank of Scotland Platinum Balance Transfer card – 1.9% fee – 18.9% APR

41 months - Virgin Money Balance Transfer Card – 3% fee - 20.9% APR

Leading no fee 0% balance transfer cards

If you're looking to pay nothing at all, and confident in clearing your debts in time, have a look at these leading cards:

26 months - Halifax 0% Balance Transfer Fee Offer - fee free - 18.9% APR

25 months - Sainsbury's Bank Nectar No Balance Transfer Fee Credit Card - fee free - 18.9% APR

24 months - Barclaycard Platinum balance transfer- fee free - 18.9% APR

24 months - Llloyds 0% Balance Transfer Fee offer Card - fee free - 18.9% APR

24 months – Bank of Scotland 0% Balance Transfer Fee Offer – fee free - 18.9% APR

24 months – Virgin No Balance Fee Credit Card – fee free – 19.9% APR

Credit building 0% balance transfer credit cards

If you're worried about your credit rating, there are balance transfer cards that can help you build your credit whilst you pay off your 0% balance transfers and are available to people that have lower credit ratings than the top cards.

18 months – Barclaycard Platinum Balance Transfer – 2.99% fee – 24.9% APR

6 months 0% – Capital One Balance Card – 3% fee – 34.9% APR

A word of warning

Although a 0% balance transfer card is a great way to pay less interest whilst you clear the debt, ensure you clear it all if possible before the 0% period runs out.
If you're unable to pay off the balance of the card in time, you could be left with a large debt earning a lot of interest and potentially worse off than if you'd not switched at all.

*Rates were correct at time of writing
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