Traffic wardens caught sleeping



Two traffic wardens have been caught sleeping on duty with confidential paperwork on display.

The APCOA parking employees were spotted by passer-by Mitchell Krishnan last Tuesday afternoon, who took a video of them asleep in the Lambeth Parking Services-badged Ford Fiesta.
Visible on the lap of the warden in the passenger seat was the day's ticket list, which could constitute a breach of confidentiality.

Not only were they sleeping during their shift, but the car had been parked in a permit-only space on the Clapham estate, Krishnan claimed. Almost an hour after taking the original video at 4.20pm, he returned to find the wardens still asleep and so took more photographs.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: "If they found someone else doing that, they'd give them a ticket.

"They've clearly tucked themselves away there so they can skive from work and have a siesta.

"They were there for at least 50 minutes, and since there's two of them, that's nearly two hours of government-paid time in a government vehicle.

"This is where these officers come to penalise myself and my neighbours.

"They are constantly penalising us for the silliest of things – we're getting battered financially by these wardens."

Shocked by the wardens' behaviour, Krishnan contacted Lambeth council's complaints team, as the council was responsible for contracting APCOA, which manages car parks countrywide.

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