Police help man recover cash lost on motorway


If you ever needed a reason as to why you shouldn't leave your wallet on the roof of your car, take a look at this strange CCTV footage that has emerged from China.

The video, which was captured in Nantong in the Jiangsu Province last month, shows dozens of banknotes billowing out on to a busy motorway.
People can be seen stopping their cars to recover the money from the road, regardless of the danger posed by the lorries and buses that can be seen passing by.

Local news reports indicate that the man – named only as Zhu – foolishly forgot that he had left his wallet on the car's roof before driving off.

Police reportedly stopped to help the unfortunate motorist get most of his money back, although it is thought that a large amount of it wound up in a nearby river.

While the wallet was allegedly filled with the equivalent of £1,100, police were able to recover approximately £700, a lot of which was picked up by other motorists.
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