McLaren Automotive's Twitter account was hacked at the weekend


Supercar manufacturer McLaren was left red-faced after a notorious hacking group targeted the company's Twitter account.

Early on Saturday afternoon, a group of tweets appeared that clearly were not part of the company's corporate social media policy.

One tweet read: "Shoutz out 2 #cyberwolfgang @pewdiepie @TechCrunch and most importantly, our founding father... @tylerthecreator WE LOVE U FOOL."

In another tweet, the group said: "Haters gone hate... but #cyberwolfgang always lowkey gone be da best."

To add insult to injury, the hackers then mocked the company's security system, saying: "Letting yall know [your] security [sucks] mclaren... dang."

The group also mentioned an account with the username 'big old bone rodger', then retweeted his response. However, it is unclear whether the account's owner is linked to the hacking group in any way.

It appears that Cyber Wolf Gang, which also hacked video game publisher Square Enix Europe last month, was behind the attack.

On January 7, the Japanese company's account shared a tweet reading: "We hate white people so much man what the f**k."

The hackers then posted a long series of tweets that used profanities and racial slurs aimed at its customers and competitor brands. Once the company's social media team regained control of the account, the hackers then moved on to the official Just Cause account, which is also run by the company.

The attack on McLaren appeared to catch the company off guard as the tweets remained live for about an hour before being deleted.

AOL Cars has reached out to McLaren for comment but has not received a response.