Three ways to make your car last longer

It's the age old dilemma – how to get the most out of something which will, eventually, need to be replaced.

Unfortunately, cars can be one such item. Expensive and with a limited life span, drivers are always wondering how to prolong their vehicle.
Simple checks can prove a lifesaver. When looking under the bonnet, motorists shouldn't just check oil – they should also take a look at their car's steering and brake fluid. If there is any grit or discolouring, that's a definite sign to get a mechanic to take a look.

Another way to prolong a vehicle's life is to turn the engine on but wait before driving it. Thirty seconds will allow the oil to get back in to the engine and can mean the difference between a happy motor or a broken one...

Finally, driving habits can affect a vehicle's lifespan. Heavy braking or acceleration, using both pedals at once, and riding the clutch can wear a car out quicker. To combat this, drivers should be smooth with the controls and avoid depressing more than one pedal at a time.
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