Tickle your tastebuds with chilli

Beef Chilli con carne

Recent studies contradict the old myth that spicy food is bad for the stomach.

For example, capsaicin, which is what provides the heat in fresh or dried chillies, can target lung and pancreatic cancer cells. The ingredient may also reduce the production of gastric acid, lower cholesterol and might be responsible for reducing insulin requirements.

Which all means that, in moderation, it can be a wonderful way to add a bit of zing to your food.

In the video above, chef Allegra McEvedy shares her favourite chilli recipe. It uses braising steak, although shin of beef also works well. The meat is marinaded overnight with the spice to deepen the flavour.

If you're in more of a hurry, Jonny Marsh's recipe is a quick and easy version using minced beef.

And if you're not a red meat fan, Gordon Ramsay's chilli chicken with ginger and coriander uses tasty and economical chicken thighs.

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