Teddy Sheringham has odd solution to Leicester's woes - "Players should get drunk, have a scuffle and a fight"


Teddy Sheringham has some unusual advice for Leicester City, as they look to turn their disastrous season around - "go out, have a drink, get drunk... have a little fight".

The Manchester United and Tottenham legend made his comment while talking on Astro SuperSport's EPL Live coverage show, in Malaysia, which you can see above.

In the clip Sheringham discusses the fall of the Foxes, who sit one point off the relegation zone, a season after clinching the Premier League title.

And suggests the players need to get their problems out in the open if they want to resurrect their campaign and avoid dropping into the Championship.

"They need to have a get together [the players]," says Sheringham.

"Go and have a drink on a Tuesday or something, get drunk, have a few words amongst each other, a few fingers being pointed.

"Maybe have a little scuffle, have a little fight, upset each other, get it all out in the open.

"Tell each other that they're not doing enough on the pitch, every one of them, and sort it out, because at the moment I think they are a little bit of an embarrassment towards Leicester City."

Credits: Rex Features

Rex Features

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Action Images via Reuters

The Foxes have lost their last five fixtures in the Premier League and are in real danger of going down this season.

Their last win in the league came at home to West Ham in December and they face Liverpool next after games with Millwall and Sevilla in the FA Cup and Champions League respectively.

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